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karibu Community Action Kent (karibu Kent)

A grassroot organisation working with Africans (mainly) and other minoritized communities in Canterbury and surrounding areas.

Karibu Community Action Kent(Karibu Kent) was founded in 2015  by African individuals living in Kent to give a voice to Africans and people of African origin, promote cultural diversity, share and celebrate our culture and heritage, support each other to solve problems by creating opportunities to meet, discuss issues of interest and to socialise.

 We  work to reduce inequalities in health and social care provision through promoting health and wellbeing and information dissemination and  facilitating access to




KCAK is run by a committee of members from different African and Black communities and we want it to reflect and be as representative as possible of the communities we serve.

We focus on making the maximum positive effort for our community.  Our members and volunteers provide the momentum that helps us affect change

Health & Wellbeing

Offering culturally appropriate interventions


Being a voice for Africans and minoritized communities

Action Research

Collaborating to ensure relevant evidence based services

Culture & Heritage

Preserving and passing on our culture to the next generation.


  • To empower Africans and ethnic minority communities in East Kent 
  • To enhance well being and challenge inequalities 
  • To be a voice for Africans and people of African origin and break down social & cultural barriers 
  • To facilitate a better understanding of African cultures and promote community cohesion


To make East Kent a place where African and minority communities can be actively engaged, live healthily and have equal opportunities.

vision for the future

about our philosophy

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Service User Focussed


Equality and Diversity



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What We Achieved

Karibu Kent is a well known organisation that service providers go to on issues affecting Africans.

Improved awareness of diseases such as diabetes and HIV.

Worked with KCHFT One You Weight management programmes to co produce a programme that is appropriate and relevant to African communities.

Worked with migrant Turkish women to improve their English.


Our Research

reEvolution Leadership Team

Nevil Thompson​


Terrence McDowell

Field Vice President

Adi Reyansh



installation & project development

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