Engage, Promote, Support.

“Karibu”-meaning welcome, is a Swahili word.  Welcome is usually the greeting a visitor  hears in many parts of  Africa.


Karibu Community Action Kent(KCAK) was founded in 2015  by African individuals living in Kent to give a voice to Africans and people of African origin, promote cultural diversity, share and celebrate culture and heritage, support each other to solve problems by creating opportunities to meet, discuss issues of interest and to socialise.

We promote health and wellbeing and work to reduce inequalities in health and social care provision through information dissemination and  facilitating access to the community for main stream service providers

What we do

We promote health and wellbeing, work to reduce inequalities in health and social care for all Africans and people of African descent, promote cultural diversity, share and celebrate cultural experiences with local community, promote and participate in research and work in collaborations that benefit our clients.

Community Outreach

We engage, in a culturally sensitive way, with African communities in places where they congregate to increase access to those who may otherwise not be reached by conventional means.


We provide a space for Africans to socialise and reduce loneliness. We also encourage members to forge networks outside of the events to feel supported.


We help service users understand, access and navigate the health & social care and community services that will improve their health and well being.

Cultural festivals

We want to preserve and share our heritage and culture with other communities through festivals and black history events.


We hold online and in person workshops to give people skills, information, raise awareness of health & social care issues and get feedback from the community.


We need volunteers to help us do our work. If you would like to volunteer with us, whether on a regular basis or one off, you will be welcome.


We work with main stream providers and other voluntary and community groups to forge links, build relationships so as to ensure that voices of Africans are represented.


Train and equip community members with the skills, understanding to promote community development and integration. Work with health and social care providers to improve their cultural competence.


We promote community based research to empower local communities to identify their needs at local level. This gives more control to those who live the experience to find solutions that ensure that projects and their impact are relevant and sustainable. We welcome research collaborations

Highlights of our Projects

Afri Healthwise

The project funded by the National Lottery Community Fund aims to improve the health and wellbeing of Africans by raising awareness of the benefits of making healthier food and lifestyle choices in a way that is culturally appropriate.

The programme funded by Kent Community Foundation worked with minority ethnic women to improve their conversational English.

Weight Loss Management African Pilot

Karibu Kent and KCHFT joined forces to work on the One You Weight loss programme to make it more appropriate to Africans. The programme is a national evidence-based programme developed by Public Health England as part of a preventative approach. 

Our Volunteers

A voluntary organisation is as strong as the community that supports it. Together, we can do more than we can do alone.

You can help us in the following:




We use photography to tell the stories we fail to put into words.

Let us work together